Welcome to My Deliciously Healthy Kitchen, let me show you how food can make you look and feel great!



 My Deliciously Healthy Kitchen offers demonstration led cookery classes based on healthy but delicious recipes all created by its owner and operator Emily Hawkes. There is also a bespoke menu planning and personal shopping experience to help on a one to one basis and Emily can provide workshops for team building in the workplace.

 The classes teach simple recipes based on wholesome, natural, seasonal and where possible local ingredients.

  My Deliciously Healthy Kitchen is about making changes to your eating patterns in order to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

 The recipes taught eliminate all processed foods, white sugar, artificial sweetener, refined carbohydrates, trans-fats and saturated fats. 

  The belief is in basing your diet on whole grains, pulses, lots of fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, oily fish, small amounts of goats/sheep’s cheeses or yoghurt and lean free-range meats.

  You don't need to count calories, points or any other time consuming system, you just stick to eating the suggested food groups. If you eat a natural diet your body will naturally adjust to a healthy weight.