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Thursday, 7 March 2013

After the juice cleanse...

 Well its been nearly a week since I finished my juice cleanse and I thought I would be honest with you about whether its worth the effort and the expense, all that fruit and veg is costly and cleaning the juicer is a complete pain in the ass. So do I feel any benefits from all the hard work and abstinence?

  Well I certainly feel much more alert and focused, and it has reminded me just how good veggie juices are for you, I used to have them all the time before I went off gallivanting round Europe, and I am definitely continuing with one a day in the morning as it really does makes you feel good. I lost a couple of stubborn pounds and I feel healthier. Although I did have a permanent headache for the 3 days, that must have been from the toxins from my coffee and red wine habit knocking about!! I was not hungry, far from it and I have actually missed the juices since! Weird??

 In fact Mr had a horrific cold last week and its testament to my immune system that despite living in close proximity I didn't even have so much as a sniffle, I got him some high dose Echinacea and he upped his Vitamin C intake to 3,000mg, it was gone in 3 days! The cold virus lasts 7 days untreated, the medical companies tell you to consult your doctor if symptons persist after 7 days of taking their product, then the doctors prescribe more drugs, a great business model if there ever was one don't you think??? Money, money, money...

 I just don't really ever get seasonal colds or bugs anymore, I used to. This has been the case since I adopted my natural, wholefoods foods obsession. The only time that I have had anti-biotic in the last 10 years was when I was living in the French Alps 2 years ago, I was back on meat/dairy/crap a la francais diet, living very unhealthily and I had a horrendous chest infection, seriously I have never been so scared, I could not breath and the doctor said my body temperature was really low!!!

   In fact I hadn't given my actual day to day health much thought, I know its a healthier way to eat and live and naturally I feel all the better for it, but Mr said to me last week that he has noticed that I just never get ill anymore. I am not superhuman but I would say that's pretty good proof if a man can notice something that is'nt beer, boobs or football! The only thing that I have suffered from that I can think of is food poisoning, once last year!! How ironic! Not my cooking I may add, eating out!!

   So I would say that the juice cleanse is worth it from a health point of view, but please don't do it just to lose weight, it will only pile STRAIGHT back on unless you eat properly and naturally, as all rapid weight loss gimmicks do. The key to a happy, healthy body and life is caring about what you put into your body all of the time not just in January or when detoxing or trying to lose weight!! I live by the rule of being good 90% of the time and indulging the other 10%, well you can't be good all of the time can you??

  One last thing, if you are interested in learning more and care about your health check out http://www.foodmatters.tv/ this changed my views forever......

Food really does matter.

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