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Monday, 29 April 2013

Just a little something someone said.....

So, long time no blogging!  This business malarky is rather time consuming! I thought that I had better check in and say hi, tell you what I've been up to and whats happening with My Deliciously Healthy Kitchen.

So there has been classes, there has been a pop up evening and there is now this website! Oh and I ended up in The Guardian Food supplement this past saturday, here's the link:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2013/apr/27/get-togethers-home-delivery  so exciting!!!

Its all been going on!

The biggest thing that has been taking up my time is trying to find a permanent site for My Deliciously Healthy Kitchen. I currently hire a workspace at Witherdens Hall, Wingham which is a lovely space and works rather well. But I have got to the stage where I need to have some premises of my own, I've got a bit too much kit to keep carting it around in a Mini! I'm sure something will turn up, I have my fingers in lots of preverbial pies and I'm just waiting to hear about something that could be perfect, fingers crossed!

So as thats about as much as I can say right now but I thought I would share with you what everyone else has been saying about My Deliciously Healthy Kitchen's cookery classes. They have been ever so kind, and it has been a pleasure for me to meet them!

"I really enjoyed learning new tips and eating the food! It was great participating and creating the dishes altogether. My favourite dish? Tapenade, quinoa, chicken skewers, can't decide! Actually the dukkah roasted veggies! I will definitely be making all of the dishes at home. I had such a lovely time, thank you so much! It was not what I expected and it could not be better, would so recommend to others, I really, really enjoyed it!" 19/01/13

"It was a great way to spend the day with my friends in a relaxed, informal atmosphere and learning some excellent "deliciously healthy" recipes that are simple and practical. I loved the apple and cinnamon cake but the dukkah was a great thing to learn, an interesting store cupboard essential! I will absolutely be making everything I learnt today. Highly recommend." 19/01/13

"I enjoyed everything about today! Loved learning how to prepare and cook healthy dishes in a fab venue with my friends. The Morrocan spiced soup was yum! But everything was so tasty and packed full of goodness. I will be trying all of the recipes at home, so deliciously healthy! An outstanding day, really loved everything about the class and the venue was lovely. So relaxed and simple, a real 'home from home' atmosphere. I found everything so easy to follow. Highly recommend to everyone, I cannot wait to tell all of my friends. A real must for get togethers with friends, hen nights or corporate days out. " 19/01/13

"It was such a fun day, relaxing too, and I learnt a lot. A really nice way to meet new friends. I loved all of the food, tasty, full of flavours but I loved the cake! I will be making it all again at home. I thought the day was AMAZING, the best way to spend a day with friends!" 23/02/13

"I had a lovely day with lovely people, the time flew by! Good instruction throughout, I learnt new methods of prep, it was also great to taste bits as we went along and working altogether was a lovely way to cook. Its so hard to pick a favourite dish, probably the spiced lentil soup and the tapanade. I'll make everything I have learnt today at home for sure. A great day out, highly recommended." 23/02/13

“I loved the fact that the recipes were so quick and easy, I learnt about ingredients that were new to me. Really lovely atmosphere too! The carrot, orange and almond cake was my favourite, but only just! I will be making all the recipes thats for sure! Really enjoyed it, recommended!” 15/03/13

“It was so nice to meet like minded people, nice to chat and relax. I couldnt pick a favourite, all were so good! If I can find the ingredients I will make alll that I have learnt today. Would’nt change a thing about the class, it was great.” 15/03/13

“I enjoyed meeting the other people on the course, I especially enjoyed licking the cake bowl! Ha ha. The peanut butter and chocolate blondies were my favourite to eat but the lemon and coconut polenta cake was so pretty to look at, I’ll be making them all at home! I really enjoyed the class.” 15/03/13

“Its great that I have learnt that I can eat cake that is healthy! I loved all of the recipes in the class and I will be making them all at home. The class was perfect, beautifully presented, professional, informative but friendly. Highy recommend.” 15/03/13

“Great to gather new information and meet like minded people. I loved the orange, almond & carrot cake but I will make everything we have been shown today! The class was great, the balance is jsut right!” 15/03/13

"I really enjoyed learning about healthier alternatives, much more simple than I expected. Was really fun and great to just take time out to cook. The chocolate torte & cashew cream was AMAZING! I really enjoyed the whole day and will make all of the recipes that we learnt, the fishcakes will be great for an everyday dinner." 19/04/13

"It was great to learn about healthier options and the alternatives to unhealthy ingredients. Was a great to meet new people in a lovely location and even better over a delicious lunch! My favourite dish was the mixed bean salad with wild garlic pesto but I will be recreating all of todays recipes." 19/04/13

"A fun, informal & relaxed atmosphere. Lunch was amazing and definately "sells" what My Deliciously Healthy Kitchen is advocating. I loved the morrocan spiced lentil soup but everything was very good indeed! I will certainly be making all of the dishes at home. Highly recommend." 23/02/13

"I enjoyed everthing about the day, great venue and great food! I loved all of the dishes and will absolutely be making them at home, the main course my family will love!" 23/02/13

"I really enjoyed getting involved with the prep and all working together around the kitchen table. My favourite thing was the dukkah roasted vegetables & quinoa but I will be making all of todays recipes back home! The timing was brilliant, the food was yummy and the host just perfect!" 19/01/13

"It was great to use ingredients that I have not used before, especially seeds! Love that we were given recommendations for other uses for the recipes too. I love the herbed quinoa, I will be giving all of the recipes a go at home, lets see if I can do it!" 19/01/13

"A relaxed atmosphere, really nice setting and it was great to learn about different foods and get tips on how to prepare things. I dont normally like apples in cake but the apple and cinnamon cake was delicious, I loved the soup and tapanade too. It was a brilliant class, good variety of dishes which work well together and on their own, so easy to prepare and so quick!" 19/01/13

 The next classes are Friday 10th May:

World Flavours Morning Of Mezze 9am-12pm £40pp

Guilt Free Baking 2.30pm-5.30pm £40pp

Click here for my WEBSITE where you will find the booking details and more deliciously healthy goings on!!