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Friday, 21 December 2012

Merry Christmas to all.

   Well Christmas is nearly here folks and it is time for most of us to have a little break, and about time too! All that hot and stuffy shopping, late nights partying and hard work can play havoc with our immune systems, (let alone our waistlines and eye bags!!!) so whilst you are out grabbing those last minute bits and pieces make sure you grab some high strength Vitamin C (1000mg) and Echineacea to keep you going and glowing!

  Unfortunately some of us fall prey to the nightmare of spending our well deserved time off with stinking colds and feeling terribly run down. Its almost like our bodies tell us enough is enough! Make  yourself relax and pop some Vitamin pills.

  Now lets be realistic here, we are going to be eating and drinking a whole lot of naughtiness over the following week but enjoy yourself it is Christmas after all!  Just make sure you fill up on those veggies, tuck into the satsumas and crack open some nuts to keep us looking and feeling deliciously healthy! Oh and red wine is healthy right????

 Have a cool yule y'all!

ooh so pretty!!