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Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy Healthy New Year!

   Happy new year all!

   I'm not gonna beat about the bush, its January, the festivities are over and we need to get back on the straight and narrow! Get rid of any naughty foods that may still be lurking in the kitchen and make sure your cupboards are full of goodness!

   I don't know about you but all that food and booze has caught up with me and my jeans are feeling the wrong side of snug! It's time to start as we mean to go on people!!

   So this week I thought I would share with you what I'm consuming and how much each day to drop those unwanted few pounds! Remember to exercise caution with your portions, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing!!

   I started my day with porridge (2 heaped tablespoons dry) made with water and cinnamon and finished off with soy milk, mixed berries and a tablespoon of ground linseed. Porridge is a slow releasing carb that will fill you up, cinnamon and berries are crazy full of anti-oxidants and the ground linseeds will give you a big dose of omega goodness. The soy milk is a great source of protein without the animal fats.

   Mid morning I snacked on 1/2 a mango and a handful of almonds (about 12) to keep going until lunch.

   For lunch I stir fried a baby onion, garlic and kale and then scrambled with 2 eggs. I popped this on top of a wholemeal tortilla wrap and finished it of with some sliced sundried tomatoes. Kale is a superfood which is bursting with nutrients and anti-oxidants, the eggs are an excellent protein source and the wholemeal wrap will provide the slow release carbs we need.

  Mid afternoon I had an apple.

   Then for dinner I made a red lentil thai pumpkin curry, served with 40g (dry) of brown rice and a salad of shredded raw cabbage dressed with fresh mint, corriander and lime juice. Pumpkins are another superfood and the brown rice is essential fuel, the lentils provide your protein and the raw salad is a great way to get some "raw" nutrients into your system.

  I also drank gallons of water and herbal teas all day, as I do every day. Please ditch those diet drinks, do you know that in recent studies the participants consuming "diet" drinks containing sweetner actually PUT ON weight, sweetner is so chemical laden that it actually ends up preserving your fat like formaldahide!!! Not only that, the tests that legalised artificial sweetner were found to be tampered with and traces of arsenic and coal tar have been found in well known brands since. Fancy a diet coke?