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Monday, 17 December 2012

The battle of the bulge!

  Now I have mentioned previously that I am not always saintly when when it comes to my eating and drinking habits, and this weekend was a prime example of pure over indulgence. Drinks out, dinner & drinks, out to breakfast, a take-away, mince pies and Sunday roast. Urghh, my skinny jeans are a little snug today!

  I believe that everything is about balance, and when you go overboard you just have to reign it in afterwards to make up for it. And as it is this time of year I feel this week needs a little extra effort if I am not to resemble a snow ball on my upcoming New Years ski holiday!

  Over the years I have found some thing that works for me, a week of liquid lunches and dinners!! And I do not mean the alcoholic variety! Soup, glorious soup! Not the creamy or cheesey variety either! Vegetable soup, packed with all sorts of veggies, a maximum of 30 minutes to make and most importantly filling. You get all those vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, nutrients that will fight all those naughty things left behind from overindulging and you will get rid of that bloated gross feeling!

  So today I started with a hot water and fresh lemon, vegetable juice and banana for breakfast, a handful of almonds mid morning and then a big bowl of leek, onion and garlic soup. Followed by a couple of satsumas. Leeks are a natural diuretic which means they get rid of excess fluid in the body which leads to water retention and that horrible bloating. If you want you can take the French Women Don't Get Fat advice and just have leek soup for 2-3 days, nothing else and you will drop a few pounds! That does mean just leek soup though, not CREAM of leek or leek and potato!

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        It gets dull eating the same thing, but you can vary soups so much that you don't get fed up! Blend some, leave some chunky or add herbs and spices.

        So what for dinner tonight?  On the menu is Moroccan spiced winter vegetable soup which should warm me up nicely!

        More de-bloating tips coming up this week, have a great evening everybody.

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