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Thursday, 13 December 2012

My Deliciously Healthy Kitchen is in print!!!

     Another great week so far for My Deliciously Healthy Kitchen, I am now officially in print and in the online edition of Canterbury's Inline Magazine! I will be writing the food and drink column for them each month so that is very exciting! The power of Twitter!

    I also had a very interesting meeting in London town with Mr Masterchef himself, Gregg Wallace! Thats as much as I can say about that for the time being, lets see what happens! The power of Twitter again!

   Then yesterday was my first one to one cooking session, which was much fun! As part of the My Deliciously Healthy Kitchen Bespoke Service and based on the personal menu plan I had put together, we cooked up last nights dinner, Shepherdess pie, a delicious mixed bean and lentils with seasonal veggies an a sweet potato mash. We then made hummus for todays lunch boxes and a fantatsic veggie packed tomato sauce that can be used to replace all those jars and packets with the addition of various herbs and spices, all ready to make a delicious mushroom and goats cheese lasagne or an extra special spag bol!

  Today has been spent bothering the good business people of Canterbury with my advertising posters, a huge thank you to all you very lovely and obliging peeps. And then a chance meeting in a coffee shop had me chatting to someone who knows people who are in food in Canterbury etc etc. If I have learnt one thing so far it is that it really is true that in order to get anywhere it is down to who you know!

  So now its time for me to get back to marketing campaign for my first cookery class, leaflets and all those exciting things!!

   Pssst..... gift vouchers now available for that perfect christmas present, a day at My Deliciously Healthy Kitchen! Inbox me if you're interested.