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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Just Souper!!

Well there is certainly a chill in the air so I reckon that it is time to heat things up!

What better way to feel warm and cosy than to indulge in a delicious bowl of hot and steamy soup?

Seeing as autumn is well and truly upon us that means that the squash family are in now season, they are now at their tastiest and just to cheer us up even more, at their cheapest too!

So we know that squash are super tasty but they are also seriously good for us too, full of essential amino acids which basically keep our systems running in tip top condition, bursting with carotene which protects against heart disease and many other nasty diseases, oh and they just happen to have a huge helping of vitamins and minerals too that will help to keep sniffles at bay, as that is never a good look!

Here's my thai spiced, roasted butternut squash soup topped with dessicated coconut and chilli flakes that warmed me up yesterday whilst I tried to recover from a chilling experience involving scary website developers!!!!

Spice up your life!

Have a happy thursday everyone.