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Friday, 30 November 2012

Meat (Balls) and Veg!

 Its the weekend!! Well almost...and it is blimmin freezing eh?

 When its this cold you do not fancy a salad! We need warm and we need comfort, now and quick! And what better way to give ourselves a big warm hug than with good ol' spaghetti!

 Pasta is deliciously filling and satisfying, especially when it is of the wholemeal variety as it keeps us fuller for longer and keeps those sugar cravings at bay! Add a rich tomatoey, garlicky sauce and bingo, tasty and totally good for us too! Tomatoes bursting with antioxidants which help clean up any nasty free radicals lurking around and the garlic not only delicious but great for keeping our hearts healthy.

  I like to take inspiration of course from those clever Italians and start off my sauce with finely diced celery, leek, carrot and onions instantly making the sauce wondrously rich, thick and flavoursome. Its also a rather sneaky way of making fussy eaters consume a load veggies that they are not  even aware of eating!!

Veggie friendly for me, simply finished with some fresh basil.
And some meatballs added for Mr, to make up for the sneaked in veggies of course!!!

Have a great weekend y'all!

Recipes coming soon!

E xx