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Monday, 3 December 2012

All I want for Christmas......

 Is for Mariah Carey to shut the hell up already but don't get me started on her. Aghhhhh.....

 We are finally in December, a month of madness for one day, sorry to be a humbug but you'll get used to me moaning about this dreadful time of year.

  Anyway, what springs to mind when you think of Christmas? Turkey and all the trimmings, tins of chocolates, piles of pastry such as mince pies, sausage rolls, cheese straws, Christmas pud and brandy butter, slabs of Stilton and oozing Brie? I think I can feel my legs, bum and tum expanding just writing all of that!!

 Now I am not going to tell you to have a handful of nuts for starter, steamed veg and a slice of turkey breast for your dinner and a satsuma for your pudding, its one day go for it, have what you fancy. But what I will say is hold that thought.

 Food should be a pleasure, it is to be enjoyed and every now and again you should push the boat out and have something naughty, we are only human after all, but it should be just that, a treat, now and again, not everyday!

 We statistically put on nearly half a stone throughout December what with all the going out and festivities, not to mention the day itself. If we allow that to creep on every year and then add in Easter, holidays and all the other occasions where we overindulge no wonder by the time 10 years has past we no longer fit into our old jeans!! Just bear that in mind that's all.

 It is a sad fact but some people don't put on weight and lucky old them, the rest of us have to work blimmin hard at it. And it really is not easy but small changes can have big results, so before you have another mince pie or handful of Quality Street think about it before you stuff it into your mouth. If you are OK with it, that's great but deep down most of us are not and we are the only ones who can do anything about it!!

 So in the meantime, snack on fresh fruit, unsalted nuts and seeds instead of mince pies!  Add some more veggies to your lunches and dinners to get all those nutrients and goodness and you will be keeping your temple in good running order and look gorgeous as you party your way through the month!

Think healthy, eat well and look delicious!

Who will you be trying to get under the mistletoe?

Coming up this week,

How to survive eating out and still fit into your party frock!

E  xxxx