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Thursday, 29 November 2012

What on earth do I do with...........

  Now we all want to think we are doing our bit to support local produce, only eat what is in season and big up the best of British right? Now I am the first to admit, it takes a lot of commitment to doing the right thing and that is sometimes bloody difficult when you have fussy eaters to feed, are short of time and on a limited budget. It is much easier to reach for something familiar and not covered in mud!

 Unfortunately the downside of local produce especially in veg boxes is ending up with stuff you don’t like or don't know what to do with. I had a couple of requests on twitter last week with random people asking what they should do with certain things in their boxes and I had a request this week about pumpkin and red cabbage. I'm about to use my pumpkin this eve. The things I am going to do with it do are:

·    Make a Thai soup, roast half of it in chunks then pop the roasted pumpkin, 1/2 a mug of red lentils, a tablespoon of Thai red curry paste, 1 can of coconut milk and 250-500ml veg stock depending on how thick you want it and once the lentils are soft blitz. Adjust the paste if you want it hotter.
   I'm going to use the rest in a risotto, www.antonio-carluccio.com/Risotto_di_Zucca.
   You could use it in a carrot cake instead of carrot, www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/1940676/sugarfree-carrot-cake-
   And the other thing is use it as a layer in a veggie lasagne, www.lifestylefood.com.au/recipes/1734/pumpkin-spinach-and-goats-cheese-lasagne 

Tomorrow I will be using the red cabbage, it is a bit more of a challenge but I am going to,

· Make a winter coleslaw, 2 raw carrots, 2 raw beetroots, 1/2 a raw cabbage and a small red onion, some fresh parsley, all grated and finely sliced. Add red wine vinegar, salt and pepper, and a tablespoon of Dijon mustard, or you can do it with maple syrup and sultanas (leave out the mustard and vinegar) really nice with smoked mackerel, in a wrap for lunch or with wedges and fajitas or on top of a big green salad with some chicken or chickpeas.
   The other 1/2 I would braise with apples, works really well, even my fuss pot hubby likes this! www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/braisedredcabbagewit_87606 use balsamic or red wine vinegar if you haven't got sherry vinegar.
   It also works really well in a stir- fry with other veg. 

I hope that this inspires you and helps you make an actual dinner with these winter veg staples!!

Anything else troubling you in your box?

My recipes coming soon on my new website. 

Stay tuned!