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Friday, 2 November 2012


 Well tonight is going to be another step towards my dreams turning into reality. I have 6 lovely ladies coming to sample one of my menu ideas and a great opportunity for me to try out some new recipes!

 My Deliciously Healthy Kitchen is in its early stages and their are lots and lots of recipes for me to try out on my friends and family before I am ready to launch, so needless to say they are being well fed!!

 The website is coming together and you will be the first to know when its ready!!!

  So back to the menu for this evening, I love Italy, love Italian food and actually its a very healthy cuisine and so incredibly delicious!! So tonight ladies and gentlemen I present My Deliciously Healthy Kitchen's Italian Feast!!

Antipasti /Primi

 Grilled courgette roll filled with cannellini and rosemary.
Parsley and mixed seed pistou tarts.
Feta and tomato bites.


Aubergine, olive and caper stew.
Lemon and herb orzo.


Individual chocolate & Pecan brownies topped with 
vanilla roast plum.
served with natural yogurt.

 Photo's to follow tomorrow!!

Have a great friday night y'all.

E xx