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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Heres the photos!

 Well last night was a success, I think! Clean plates all round and lovely compliments, thanks ladies.

 Here's the photo's as promised,

Parsley and mixed seed pistou tarts (butter free puff pastry, oh yes you can!), feta and tomato bites (real feta is a mix of sheeps and goats milk, so much better for you because there is less fat!) & courgette rolls filled with cannellini and rosemary spread and a sliver of sundried tomato (protein from the beans, vitamins and nutrients from the veggies, yay!).  


Aubergine, olive and caper stew with lemon and parsley orzo.
Orzo is rice shaped pasta.
Use salted capers not brined, as Mr Carluccio recommends. The brined capers lose their full flavour and take on the acidity of the brine, just soak then rinse the salted ones, a much more 'capery' flavour! 

I think Mrs D likes this!! I even converted non aubergine eater Miss C!!

Chocolate and pecan brownie (raw cacao instead of ordinary chocolate is full of antioxidants and is so, so rich) & vanilla roasted plum (add that one to your five a day!!)
Tuck in girls!!

As you can see we were also very health concious in choosing to have a drop of heart healthy red wine with our dinner!!
(who am I trying to kid!!!) 

A lovely evening, thanks for coming ladies.

 E xxxx