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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Orient Express

 I think that I would be correct in assuming that we all love a little taste of the orient? Warming spices, sticky sauces, oodles of noodles and bundles of batter, delicious but remember a minute on the lips is a lifetime on the hips!!! So no doubt you will not be surprised that greasy fried rice, slimey fried noodles and sugar laden sauces with fatty meat is not welcome here.

 There is much more to oriental cuisine than what is staring at you from the take-away menu. Put it back in the kitchen drawer, step away and say hello to some amazing healthy alternatives. Delicate spices are fantastic for their anti-oxidant powers, fresh ginger is proven to fight inflammation, garlic which is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, add soya for a fantastic natural source of protein and gently steam or quick stir fry vegetables for all of their vitamin goodness, so what are you waiting for?

 This little baby will be ready before you have even finished deciding what to order off of the take-away menu! Just pop the kettle on then...

Cover some rice noodles with boiling water, allow to soften.

Fill a mug with hot water and add a tablespoon of Miso paste, grate in a little ginger and half a garlic clove to your taste. Miso Paste is available from supermarkets, health food stores or asian supermarkets, it is normally made up of fermented soya beans, stay with me, a natural pro-biotic and full of health benefits associated with soya proteins. Tastes a bit like a chinese version of bovril I suppose.

Broccoli for anti-cancer properties and mushrooms for vitamin B, essential for healthy skin ladies and gents, steam until softened. 

Drain noodles and place in a bowl, pour over your miso, top with steamed veggies and sprinkle on some sesame seeds,  the tiniest pinch of dried chilli and season with soy sauce!
Serves 1

 The only skill needed here is filling up a kettle, a bit of grating and the chopping of a couple of mushrooms! 

Come on you can do that, get in that kitchen!!!