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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Fancy a curry

 Who doesn't fancy a curry? Bet there's not many. Now I know there are one or two strange folk out there who "don't like spice" or "foreign food" and that's fine, let them carry on with their bland and boring excuses for food, but I think life is much more interesting and tasty with some influences on our plates from far away shores! 

  Indian food when made properly is actually very healthy, full of fresh veg and packed with antioxidant power from the fragrant spices. As long as you keep away from the deep fried goodies you're fine. Even the creamy stuff is ok, if done properly and not from a jar, it will contain natural yogurt, not cream!

  Last week I spent a few hours in the company of an old friend who could produce an Indian feast with her eyes shut. Authentic Punjabi recipes handed down through the family over many years resulting in the most delicious dishes! I was lucky enough to be let in on a few secrets and learnt how to make the most perfect curry sauce, an incredible chicken dish and she had even made me a kidney bean dish to take home for my tea!!

  The dishes were simple to make just a handful of the right ingredients, bursting with freshness and healthy too! That ticks all my boxes, here's a little peak at what we made.

A does of lean protein in the form of chicken, fresh vegetables and served with brown basmati rice.
A perfectly balanced meal fit for any hungry meat eater.

Kidney bean dahl, veggie curry and brown basmati rice
A perfectly balanced meal for a hungry veggie!

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All the recipes will be on there soon!