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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Glow with goodness!

 Now as I mentioned on Monday in order to let ourselves indulge over the festive period we need to reign it in during the rest of the week in order for us to keep our arses in check! After all you don't want to end up resembling a bauble in your sparkly new frock!

 By making sure you include wholegrain carbohydrates and protein accompanied by lots of luscious veg at every meal you will be full up with goodness so you will not need to snack on naughty sugary treats and nasty chemical laden snacks. 

 By sticking to natural, wholegrain, fresh ingredients you will not only feel fantastic and full of energy but your internal system will be functioning with all cylinders firing from all those amazing nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This means you will be glowing on the outside too so you will look fabulous not  flabulous!

Natures finest.

Fill up on brown rice, quinoa, spelt, wholemeal pasta, pearl barley, bulghur wheat, beans, lentils, nuts, fresh fruit and veg, oily fish and lean meat!!

You will naturally look amazing!