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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Veg Box Challenge

 In a bid to keep to a sensible food budget, buy more local produce and eat mostly whats in season I have signed up to a 3 week trial with Kent Veg Box. The promotion is 50% off on their vegetable and fruit boxes, any size. Got to be worth a go.

 Yesterday I recieved my first veg box (&more) from Kent Veg Box. I opted for the medium boxes of locally grown, chemical free fruit and veg, they also do locally reared free range meat boxes again I opted for the medium, and next week I will recieve a locally landed medium fish box. It's up to you when you want the meat one and the fish one arrives on the 3rd week of every month as and when you want it.

 Now there was enough veg to sink a ship!! I now don't think I need the medium one!!!

Kale, beetroot, potatoes, red onions, carrots, swede, a butternut squash and 2 onion squash!
£5.75 a week for all this!!
PS. this pic is after their little bath this morning to remove the mud, soak in warm water!
There was also this pile of fruity fellows!

Pears, apples, oranges, cooking apples and a mango!
Again all for £5.75 a week.
 The meat box included, 500g of steak mince, 2 huge pork chops, 6 pork sausages, 6 rashers of bacon, a 500g lump of braising steak, 2 chicken legs and a joint of pork shoulder!!! That is 24 portions of meat!! That works out at £1.56 a portion, if you cut down to eating 2-3 portions of meat a week and you eat more sensible sized portions you can certainly afford this better quality meat. I have frozen it all in portions and that means I have 8 weeks worth of meat for Mr MDHK at less than £5 a week. 

 So tonight I have dinner guests and on the menu tonight we have beef tagine & veggie tagine all courtesy of the boxes, served with mint and corriander bulgur wheat and some steamed kale dressed with lemon. Desert will be an apple and cinnamon olive oil cake made with the bramleys in the box!

  Have you thought about trying a veg box? 

E xxx