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Monday, 12 November 2012

Think about that little black dress!

  Well theres no more putting it off, we are counting down til one of the most stressful times of year, 6 weeks to go until Christmas! The time of year that is sold to us as a magical delight of snow flakes, twinkly lights, roaring fires, candles and beautifully wrapped gifts of just what we wanted!!

 The reality is normally a nightmare of family pressures, huge expense, frantic crowd filled shopping hell, unwanted presents (come on you know I'm right), too many quality street, too many mince pies and countless crappy turkey dinners on "special christmas" nights out.

 In times of stress like this we have been known to comfort eat, I myself am a nightmare for this. I even find myself snacking without even realising or paying any attention to what naughty nibbles are being shoved unknowingly into my mouth. Add in the fact that the chilly weather means our expanding waistlines can happily be covered up in warm, baggy clothes, its just a recipe for disaster, we'll end up looking like the proverbial christmas pudding if we're not careful!!!

 Eating all this extra food, drinking all of the extra booze and all those late nights is more likely to leave us looking like a knackered, bloated, spotty version of ol' saint Nic himself by the time Christmas day rolls around! Now girls and boys that is not a good look, but whats to do?

 Take control now! If you start making a concious decision to leave the ready meals, cheese, white bread, fried food, sugar, sweets, cakes and crips alone now and replace them with piles of veggies, fresh fruit, grains and pulses, wholemeal pasta, brown rice, oily fish and lean meat you will be less likely to go mad over the next 6 weeks and even if you don't lose weight you should'nt put any on, its all about balance!!

 You have just got to remember to be extra good to compensate for being naughty! Infact even if you do push the boat out more than once in this lead up to christmas chaos, you can be safe in the knowledge that if you have been good 99% of the time that your arse will still fit into that slinky little christmas number come the dreaded day of christmas cheer! And don't forget the presents!! We only get piles of lovely (???) gifts bestowed upon us if we've been extremely good!

E xx