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Monday, 5 November 2012

Let me introduce you to............

 A great grain called spelt! 

Often over looked this delicious grain is super tasty and a great substitute for pearl barley or rice.
It is slightly nutty, has a less slimey texture than pearl barley and is just perfect for adding to stews and  soups at this chilly time of year when you crave warming, hearty, comfort food. Its a great source of complex carbohydrates so will keep you full up and keep those sugar cravings at bay!!

I used it in this one pot wonder, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes and parsnips added a lovely sweetness and bundles of flavour, the spelt makes it really filling and gives the dish a bit more sustenance!
A great way to use autumns abundance of roots (& last weeks pumpkin if its still knocking around!) and top up your immune system with all those vegilicious nutrients!!

A little sage added whilst cooking gives a lovely savoury, robust flavour.

A side portion of balsamic braised red cabbage is bursting chlorophyll, iron, sulphur and masses of minerals and vitamins!

Hope your evening is full of fireworks!!