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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Something fishy going on...

 Now as much as our beloved vegetables, grains and pulses are good for us we mustn't forget to add our quota of oily fish into the mix. To achieve optimum nutritional benefits such as vitamin D to aid bone health, the omega 3's for all round better bodily and brain function, not to mention big doses of vitamin A &B, zinc, potassium and iron we should be aiming to eat around 3 portions a week. 

 Portions, now there is a subject we could all do with learning a bit more about too. A real portion of protein in a typical meal should be around the size of your palm, so aim around the 100gram-150gram mark. No more. One of the reasons we are catiching up with our American friends in the obesity stakes in because we simply eat too much. Remember there can be too much of a good thing as well as bad!! This has a direct effect on our pockets too, if you are eating too much then not only will you end up bigger than nature intended but your food bill will also be much more than it needs to be. And also by buying less you can afford to buy better quality of what you do buy.

 In the dish below, salmon with wholemeal pasta and pasley and mixed seed (cheese free so much less fat) pesto, I used a single salmon fillet to feed two of us, it had been sold as 1 portion, I weighed it and it was 210g!! I added it to a healthy portion of filling wholemeal pasta (around 50g dry), wholemeal pasta helps keep blood sugar levels in check and will keep you fuller for longer, sorry no white stuff here! And don't forget the seeds in the pesto add to the protein count in the dish.

 I grated some lemon zest on top to add some freshness as cheese and fish definately should not be on the same plate, thats what the Italians say and who am I to disagree!! I always serve a big green salad topped with a handful of nuts or seeds dressed in extra virgin olive oil to gain your 'good fats' alongside to ramp up the points on the veggie & protein front, this also bulks up the meal with good stuff! Vegetables should account for half of your meal, not just as a garnish!!!

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