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Friday, 9 November 2012

Magic Mushrooms!

 Now you may recall that I happen to be married to a man who is 99% carnivore. What I didn't mention is that he is a typical man when it come to having something green and nutritious on his plate! When we first met 17 years ago, I couldn't cook for toffee and existed on smoked mackerel salad or pasta and sauce and he pretty much lived on a diet of super noodles and chicken nuggets!!! Now we have never been known for our things in common, I like fancy, poncey bars and he likes quiet old man pubs, I like music you can dance to played by a DJ using a CD, he likes live music played by some tortured band with guitars, you get the idea.

 Anyway over the years and after much perseverance I have managed to get him eating a pretty healthy diet, gone are the curry flavoured super noodles and cheese and ham filled chicken nuggets (eughhhhhh!!!!!!!) and they have been replaced with a handful of vegetables even including a little salad, only real, free range local meat and a healthy dose of oily fishes from our own seas! I actually think I deserve a medal!!!

 In our early days I recall going for a pizza, we shared a ham and mushroom one, I sat in complete amazement as he removed every last cube of onion & mushroom, I had never seen such behaviour. But as time has gone by and much nagging and cajooling on my part he now is rather partial to our veggie friends. Infact he now he only has on average about 2-3 portions of meat a week (including lunches) and eats 2-3 vegetarian dinners per week, something I never thought would happen in a million years.

 That little funghi helped! He actually lists mushrooms as something he enjoys eating nowadays, a far cry from days gone by. Mushrooms are so flavoursome and have quite a meaty texture so they are a great stepping stone in replacing too much meat in our diets. These little gems are an excellent source of potassium which helps lower blood pressure and reduces the risk of strokes as well as providing around 20-40% of our recommended copper intake which helps protect our cardiovascular system.

Heres my cheats mushroom lasagne, topped with basily goats yoghurt and grated firm goats cheese instead of calorific bechamel.

Serve with a crisp green salad.
Tomatoes and mushrooms in the sauce, lettuce and green beans in the salad. That is four of your 5 a day just at dinner!!!!

Have a great weekend all!

Recipes available soon.

E xx