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Wednesday, 7 November 2012


 " It would be so nice if something would make sense for a change. "

-Alice in wonderland

 That just about sums up how things are heading for me this week. If setting up a business was easy then everyone would do it wouldn't they? I suppose its time I shared a little more with you! I apologise as its still all a bit cryptic at this stage but stay tuned, the time will come for the big reveal!

 Anyhoo there are about a million things to do when you are at this stage of business development, the actual main content of the business seems to come right down at the bottom of the list. And local authorities really do like to try and make it as difficult as possible and make no sense whatsoever! But as with everything, just when you are least expecting it something positive pops up and surprises you! 

 This happened to me today, I went to look at a potential premises that turned out to be completely inappropriate but weirdly the estate agent gave me a gem of knowledge, (I know an estate agent being helpful, I nearly fell over!!) and then I stumbled upon something and someone that may be of use, I will find out later in the week. The ball started rolling then, I managed to get a load of stuff done and a ton of emails sent with positive effect, including a little chat with someone who likes the idea of using their retail premises for some potential filming, I will also reveal another time what that means and where it will be.

 Wanna be in the crowd?????????????