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Friday, 16 November 2012

Something for the weekend?

  Sometimes a girl has just gotta eat. Who am I trying to kid! A girl (or boy) has gotta eat all of the time!! It's just no good skipping meals to try to fit into your new threads for the weekend, it does not work. In order for our metabolism's to work in our favour we have to keep 'em working! Eating a hearty breakfast, snacking on fresh fruit, seeds and nuts inbetween wholesome, balanced lunches and dinners will please your metabolism no end. 

 Come on we've all done it, missed breakfast, had a coffee for lunch kidding ourselves we're being all virtuous, the reality is you hit 4 o clock or if you're lucky (???) you make it home from work and then you can't help yourself and demolish whatever you can get your hands on, you then skip dinner and then it starts all over again the next day because you feel guilty for last nights binge? STOP IT, that is all, just stop it. This is unhealthy and your meatbolism is coming to a stand still.

 Now, its the weekend why not kick start your metabolism by treating yourself to a nutritous brunch of sweet and spicy peppers with tomatoes, a protein packed free range egg and some crunchy lettuce and avacado, and if you need some more carbs have some wholemeal toast too!

Things are hotting up in the kitchen!

A fine way to start the day

And some toast if you wanna really go for it!

Have a great weekend y'all and remember to eat, although please do try to skip that late night kebab!