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Monday, 19 November 2012

Viva Espana! Veg box style

 So when you think about British autumn/winter veg it can feel a little, well, rooty? We are told to aspire to a mediteranean diet for optimum health, but that can seem somewhat impossible in the middle of the bleak British winter time. The mediteranean diet conjours up thoughts of the sun, sea and sand, fresh fish grilled on a barbeque, salads brimming with tomatoes and olives, piles of peppers and courgettes, grilled chicken and lamb skewers with cruchy sweet salads etc etc.

 Potatoes, carrots and squash do not conjour up those sorts of thoughts, you think stews and soups, which are lovely but without a little imagination and some help from the store cupboard it can get a little repetitive! Time to spice things up a little!

 So here is what I came up with over the weekend for saturday nights supper from my veg box and some help from the storecupboard! 

Carrot, red onion, parsley and kalamata olive salad, all that raw goodness bursting with enzymes will make our insides sing with pleasure!

Some raw garlic garlic and raw tomato rubbed over toasted fresh sourdough will not only taste delicious but will help build up your defences against nasty germs!

Rocket still grows in the cold and is full of nutrients, top with some toasted almonds to pep up this peppery salad with a little protein.

Smoked salmon is bursting with omega goodness, essential for brain health.
I topped it with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and an almond, lemon and parsley sauce.

Manchego, king of the Spanish cheeses and although I don't recommend too much cheese as its too high in saturated fat this is an unpastuerised sheep's milk cheese so way better for your health. It will still retain some good bacteria and because sheeps milk is less intensely farmed you won't be consuming all those nasty chemicals.
This is the perfect example of buying less but buying better. That also means you eat less, if its not in the fridge it cannot be grazed on!

Remember a minute on the lips is a lifetime on those hips!!

Pan fried mini peppers, a riot of colourful goodness, packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

Patas Bravas! Steam fried (start off in a tablespoon of oil then add a little water at a time) keeps these fried potates healthy and the smoked paprika tomato sauce gives us a hit of antioxidant power! Remember antioxidants equal less wrinkles and a healthy inner system that keeps disease at bay!!

Happy monday everybody!

E  xxx

Recipes available soon.