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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

What a day its been! And more to come this week!

 Today I thought that I would share a little of whats happening in the world of My Deliciously Healthy Kitchen. As mentioned in previous posts My Deliciously Healthy kitchen is work in progress and my first foray into owning my own business.

 I've still got to be a bit cryptic about what it is that I am actually doing as I cannot divulge the intimate details of my business incase someone out there in the ether steals my precious idea! You will all find out in good time!!!

 But what I can tell you is that today has been a huge step forward into making my dream a reality. Today I have been approved by the bank for suitable business lending which ultimately makes my business achievable as well as confirming that I have a real, profitable business plan! Makes me feel all grown up!!!

  And Mr Gregg Wallace of Master Chef fame has also requested a meeting with me at his restaurant in Putney on friday morning, a chance contact after tweeting him a link to this very blog!! What that is going to lead to who knows, but its got to be a great contact in the world of food!! Makes me feel all rather excited!!!

 Oh and I have managed to finally wrangle an appointment out of the council, after throwing my proverbial dummy out of the pram they are taking me out for a coffee tomorrow afternoon to tell how they can help and support me!! About bloody time.

  On top of all that a dear friend and blogger extraordinaire, Ms Style At Every Age and I will be having a little catch up on thursday to share her wisdom in the world of social media and then another VIP will be sharing her Indian cookery secrets with me during a cooking session in her kitchen!

 Busy, busy, busy!! But the thing vexing me most is what the flipping heck do I wear on friday??

E xx