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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A little update...

  In my work life to date I have always been very hands on, having had creative roles working with the public and absolutely no involvement from all this new fandangled modern technology and social media. I thought the same could be said for my new job role in the kitchen.

  What I had not really given much thought to was the administrative side of setting up a business, today for instance I have been sorting out adverts and marketing whilst writing the content for my website pages!! The last month or so I have spent more time emailing, phoning, meetings (with some very exciting people in the land of food related TV), tweeting, facebooking etc etc and actually very little time actually in the kitchen cooking!! A dear friend remarked over the weekend that I will emerge from this with a whole new set of skills as an excellent administrator! Hope the same can be said for my cooking!

  One area of my business where this will come in very useful is my bespoke menu planning service perfect for those that get fed up deciding what to cook in the evenings? Ever found yourself wandering around the supermarket staring at the shelves with no idea what to get for a change? Feel as though you would like to try shopping in the butchers, the deli and the grocers but don't know how much of anything to ask for? Well help is on hand, I can tailor a meal plan for you, come shopping with you to help pick out the right things and then provide you with recipes and some one to one cooking lessons that will help you become deliciously healthy in the kitchen!

 Just click on the page at the top for more information and drop me an email if it sounds like its for you!

 What better way to start the new year than with a fabulous, healthy new you!

 Booking now being taken for January's cookery class, click here to book, website on its way!!!!