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Friday, 7 December 2012

What to eat?

    It's the weekend and at this time of year that means Christmas parties with plenty of drinks, too many nibbles or meals out and over indulgence in buckets!

   So how on earth do we stay healthy and trim throughtout this booze fuelled food fest? We make sure we are good the rest of time of course, here's a few suggestions. 

  You need to make sure you eat a wholegrain, sugar free breakfast such as porridge with cinnamon and berries, 

Bursting with anti-ageing goodness and the cinnamon and berries will make the porridge sweet enough, leave that sugar alone, you'll get enough of that from all that booze!

   You then need to make sure you have a fresh nutrient dense lunch, such as a warm salad of steamed veggies, beans or lentils with crunchy leaves, sprinkle with nuts and drizzle over some mustard vinagarette,
Beans and nuts provide plenty of protein and the veggies are full of vitamins and minerals. essential for keeping us party ready!

Or a warming bowl of vegetable soup, such as this garlic, lentil and chard one topped with dukkah,

We need all those fresh ingredients to keep up our energy for partying the night away!
 If you don't make your own, at least make sure you buy fresh, additive and dairy free, no nasty chemical additives thank you.

  Grains with veggies, beans, lentils, some chicken or oily fish make a great pre-party bloat free dinner. I roasted some veg and mixed into some herbed quinoa and spicy chickpeas, don't forget some steamed greens for extra glow courtesy of those anti-oxidants! 
If you are just out for drinks, EAT before you go out! If you have something natural and full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients you won't be bloated, you will look even more gorgeous with all that goodness in your system.

Have a great weekend,

E xx

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