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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Want to come into My Deliciously Healthy Kitchen?

  Now I suppose that I should shed a little more light on what I am actually up! 

  My Deliciously Healthy Kitchen will be offering cookery classes from Saturday 19th January 2013, you can come along and learn how to make simple, easy, quick and deliciously healthy food. The classes will be demonstartion led with the option to join in and help if you fancy or you can sit back and relax, take notes and most importantly have a taste!! Then of course you will be able to sit down and eat the fruits of your labour!

  The classes will be for anyone who wants to learn how to make more interesting, flavoursome dishes, it gets boring eating the same things eh? Anyone who is a little afraid of the kitchen and wants to learn some easy and quick recipes that will please the whole family and keep you away from those nasty ready meals. And for those that want to embrace a healthier more natural approach to their diet. Infact thet are actually they are for anyone who fancies coming along!

  There will be a maximum of 10 people so that the classes are small and intimate, there will be no pressure to do anything if you do not want to and it will be relaxed, friendly and fun. The experience is more about enjoying yourself and having a great day out with some friends or family, not feeling inadequate or out of your comfort zone.

  It is to be held at Witherdens Hall which is a lovely airy, relaxing, comforting space in the heart of the Kent countryside, it won't be in a scary professional kitchen as I am not a scary professional! It will be home cooking in a very chic, homely enviroment where you can feel at ease and enjoy some deliciously healthy food!

 You will have recipes and a healthy eating guide to take away with you and the confidence to recreate the dishes at home for your loved ones.

 Booking are now being taken, all you need to do is click HERE or follow the link on the booking page up there at the top of this page.

My new tools!!
I hope you can make it.

PS. What a lovely Christmas gift this could be???