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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Fancy joining in next week?

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Go on give it a go!!

Anyway here's whats been cooking!!

Last nights deliciously healthy dinner!
Wholemeal tagliatelle with cheese free pesto, mushrooms and red peppers!
By leaving the cheese out of the pesto you dramatically cut back on the saturated animal fats and it still tastes delicious because it is freshly made, not from a jar full of chemicals to preserve its shelf life!!!! 

A watercress salad to accompany the tagliatelle, make sure you eat your greens! Watercress is a true superfood, rich in iron, calcium, iodine, vitamins A & C and folic acid. It is also found to have cancer suppressing properties that have proved especially effective in treating lung and breast cancer. 
Need any more encouragement to add some of the green stuff??? 

Epic superfood salad for todays lunch!!
Quinoa, the perfect food source of equally good quantities of slow release carbs and quality protein, raw kale is like an injection of anti-oxidants and the avocado provides potassium, vitamins B, E and K and a diet rich in avocado has been proven to lower blood pressure. I added cucumber and celery for crunch and dressed it all in a lemon juice and tahini (sesame paste) dressing!! It really was quite amazing even if I do say so myself!!

How is it friday tomorrow already????

E xx