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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Take control!

    Now one of the main reasons for weight gain is simply eating too much food. If like me you were made to clear your plate regardless of whether you were full up or not whilst growing up then knowing when to stop can be a problem. And even when you are eating all of the right things, if you are eating too much of them then that's no good either. Too much is too much.

    A few of things have helped curb my enormous appetite over the years, and hopefully they will help you too. Firstly look around at your super slim friends and notice how much they eat, I noticed years ago that although these skinny Minnie's seemingly eat what they like but they actually just stop eating when they are full, they listen to their bodies and simply do not overeat. Take a look around you and then try it, don't just mindlessly chomp through whatever is at hand, think first and stop when you have had enough. 

    Secondly if you happen to be sharing a home with someone of the male persuasion, look at the size of him and then look at the size of you (or the other way round if that's the case). Men, luckily for them, burn more calories and need to eat more, they require 2550 calories and us women need just 1940 per day to maintain weight. That is a whopping 600 more calories a day, that's a whole meal!!! If you are consuming the same size portions as your man then you will end up larger than you should be, so dish yourself up a smaller portion, simple! As a rough guide for dinner you should have no more than around 100-150g protein, 40-50g carbs and 1/2 a plate of veggies. Bulk up your dinners with VEGETABLES!

    Lastly slow down! There is no need to inhale your food, take your time and taste the food. If you gobble it down quickly you will almost certainly overeat as you won't notice that you are already full. You will then carry on eating and then 1/2 an hour later or so you will feel bloated, irritable and will probably be craving sweet things because your blood sugar levels will have gone crazy trying to cope with all that food! Stop!!! There is no other way.

  So to inspire you to get healthy and but still get deliciousness into your temple, here's a little update on what I've been eating today!

Porridge with grated apple, cinnamon and ground flax seeds for breakfast.
Avocado and cos salad with......

Roasted pumpkin and borlotti bean soup
Last nights dinner of steam-fried veg, wholewheat noodles with raw carrot and cos lettuce in a ginger soy dressing, topped with fresh mint and coriander.

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 You too can become deliciously healthy!
 E xx