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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Roarr with RAW!

    So......  raw food in the middle of winter may not be the first thing that springs to mind but bear with me, it is worth it and your wrinkles and ass will thank you for it.

    Raw fruit and vegetables are handed to us as nature intended and by eating them in their natural state means we get to consume pretty much every last little bit of amazing nutrients. When we cook vegetables the nutrients weaken and disappear the longer they are cooked and with fruit it releases more sugar as it is cooked. So by eating the raw stuff we get to reap the benefits of all that anti-oxidant power which will not only fight disease, it will keep us trim and wrinkle free!

   So the menu today for my post christmas slim down started with my porridge with cinnamon, flax seed and berries for a potent anti-oxidant full breakfast! Then almonds and grapes mid morning with some soft dried figs and mejool dates from Macknade's at Faversham, I could not resist, I am a fig freak!!!! Macknades is food heaven by the way, go have a look. I was having a meeting there about an upcoming pop up My Deliciously Healthy Kitchen evening, more on that another day I promise.

  After feasting on too many figs and dates I decided I needed some raw, light and crunchy lunch. I had some left over shredded cabbage from last nights dinner, so I added some crunchy cos lettuce, some tomato, cucumber, avocado, mixed seeds and topped with fresh chopped herbs and some chunks of chilli and rosemary pumpkin, that I roasted last night whilst making dinner. Make your time in the kitchen work for you by doubling up what you are cooking. I now have enough to make some soup with for tomorrows lunch. Always plan ahead!!

     I'm currently munching on a couple of satsumas and that will keep me going til dinner tonight, which will be; lightly stir fried mixed veggies with wholewheat noodles and a ginger, garlic and soy sauce. To add some raw goodness I will accompany the veggie noodles with some shredded lettuce, grated carrot, fresh mint and corriander believe me this really works, soooo fresh!!

This weeks food so far.....

Kale and sweet onion scramble on wholemeal tortilla with sundried tomatoes.

Raw shredded salad of savoy cabbage, mint, corriander and lime.

Porridge with cinnamon, ground flax seeds and mixed berries.

Red thai curry of pumpkin and red lentils with brown rice and raw cabbage and herb salad.

Raw salad of shredded savoy cabbage, cos lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mixed seeds and chilli and rosemary roasted pumpkin.

Is your january starting out deliciously healthy?

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E xx