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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

So how did it work?

  Well you might have got the gist of what happened at My Deliciously Healthy Kitchen's first cookery class but what did the participants say about the class?

   Actually I could not be happier, the feedback was AMAZING, and although I knew some of the participants that did not make it easier for me. If anything it was more nerve wracking doing something new in front of people that I knew as they know me too well for me to have blagged my way through it!!!


   We started the day at 10 am with a quick intro over tea and coffee about My Deliciously Healthy Kitchen and everyone received their recipe packs and notebooks, then we discussed what we were going to do that day, and we then got stuck in and started cooking! We made the apple and cinnamon cake 1st, then prepared the local free range chicken and marinated it ready to make our garlic skewers and then we then made the green olive and sun-dried tomato tapenade for the break time nibbles. This was enjoyed in the lounge area with some raw veggie crudites and much tea and coffee!

    After a little refuelling and resting it was time to make the Moroccan spiced red lentil and vegetable soup, that bubbled away nicely whilst we made the dukkah and prepped the squash and cauliflower for roasting, that got sprinkled with the dukkah and popped in the oven to roast. Then it was on to the chickpea stew whilst the chicken got skewered! We got the quinoa going, prepped the herbs and cooked the chicken! Phewwwwww.............

   Throughout the cooking session I regaled the team with all sorts of information about why we were using the different ingredients and what health benefits these have on our bodies, we chatted about portion control and what foods to avoid and what foods to have more of and I think they stayed awake! He He.... Actually they all said they really felt like they had learnt tons and had fun at the same time, which actually is all that matters, they enjoyed it and had fun.

   Everyone had worked so hard to put this little feast together so by 1.30 it was time for them to discard the aprons, sit down, pour a glass of vino and eat the fruits of their labour! Whilst my humble assistant and I got down to some washing up!

  They sat down to a beautifully dressed candle lit table and relaxed over their 3 course deliciously healthy lunch.

  The day was relaxed, informal and fun and I enjoyed every bit as much as the lovely ladies that attended the first ever My Deliciously Healthy Kitchen cookery class! Here's to the next one! I hope to see you there...........

Next class Saturday 23rd February at Witherdens Hall.
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Introductory price of £65 per person including all refreshments, fruit, 3 course lunch, wine and recipe pack to take home.

Come along, get healthy and look delicious!